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EN Kids Parent Portal

Checking In

  • Check-in for all ages begins at 9:40a at the check-in table in the hallway. Kids of all ages will join in worship because we see ourselves as part of one church family. Drop-off starts at 10:30a after worship.
  • If you have babies or toddlers under age 2, drop them off at the Nursery across from Theater 3 in the Party Room.
  • If you have children aged 2-5 years, drop them off in the Tykes (2 – 3 1/2) or Preschool (3 1/2 – 5) Classes in Theater 3.
  • If you have children in grades K-4, drop them off in the K-2nd or 3rd-4th Classes in Theater 7.

Kids’ Church Teachers

Our teachers are awesome volunteers who love children and have completed the following requirements:

  • Has been trained in our church’s teaching philosophy about caring for children
  • Is a member of Every Nation Church or is in the membership process
  • Has filled out a detailed Kids’ Church Volunteer application
  • Has passed a criminal background check

Class Security

In the event your child needs you during the service, the teacher will text you using the number tag you received during sign-in. No child will be allowed to leave without a matching number tag, so please make sure you have yours handy!

 Behavior Guidelines

In order to ensure a quality and fun learning environment for all children, we ask each child to follow these guidelines:

  • Listen respectfully to teachers and follow directions.
  • Participate in activities.
  • Speak and act in kindness toward other children and teachers.

While we do not anticipate any major behavioral issues, if a child is displaying a pattern of disruptive behavior during class, this is the course of action our teachers will follow:

  • Remind the child of the class guidelines.
  • Warn the child of their behavior and if needed, sit the child out of a part of the lesson.
  • Text the parent to come to the classroom if the behavior persists.

Bathroom Policy

We ask parents to take their children to the bathroom should they need to use it at any point during the service. Ideally children should use the bathroom before coming to class. Should a child need to use the restroom during class, the teacher will text that child’s parent to take them, regardless of age. Because our bathrooms are outside of our classrooms in a public setting, we feel this is the safest option for the children.

Snack Time

Due to allergies, snacks will be limited to low sugar, gluten-free (and most often dairy-free) snacks and water.