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College Ministry

I want change. I want to see change, therefore I will start with myself. I want things different and better, therefore I am a problem solver. I will make a difference and be a part of something that matters. I will build my character and develop the leader in me. I am not afraid to face the future for I am prepared. I don’t make excuses because I am committed. I will be a positive influence at my university.
This is my time. This is my generation. This is me. Every Nation Campus – Seattle.

Every Nation Campus exist to multiply disciples who love.

The God Test

We go out on the campuses, meeting students, and doing a survey called The God Test10 questions that will change your life. These questions help us get to know what other students believe and where those beliefs come from, and open the door to share what the Bible says about those questions. Come join us for prayer beforehand! Contact our campus team for specific times and days –

Campus Ministry Team

Ria Martin grew up in the Philippines. She loves dancing, surfing, and Filipino food… and she is so excited to see God move in the lives of the students here in Seattle, and see Him turn this city from one of the most unchurched cities in America to a city sold out for JESUS!
Forrest Martin grew up in Sequim, WA and is a Campus Missionary.