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Every Nation Kids

Every Nation Kids

Children are a special gift from God – each one uniquely created by Him. We consider it our privilege to be able to build relationships with the children that join us on Sundays and share with them the love of their Creator each week. We aim to do this while having as much fun as possible!

Checking In

  • If you have babies or toddlers under age 2, check them in at the Nursery across from Theater 3 between 9:45a-10:00a before the service starts.
  • If you have preschoolers aged 2-4 years, check them into the Preschool Class in Theater 2 between 9:45a-10:00a before the service starts.
  • If you have children in grades K-2, have them join you in the service until we are done with the worship songs. Then you’ll be dismissed to bring them to Theater 3 to check in to the Elementary Class.
  • If you have “Big Kids” in grades 3-6, have them join you in the service until we are done with the worship songs. Then you’ll be dismissed to bring them to the meeting space across from Theater 3 to check in to the Elementary Class.

More About Kids’ Church

Kids’ Church Teachers

Our teachers are awesome volunteers who love children and have completed the following requirements:

  • Has been trained in our church’s teaching philosophy can caring for children
  • Is a member of Every Nation Church or is in the membership process
  • Has filled out a detailed Kids’ Church Volunteer application
  • Has passed a criminal background check

Class Security

In the event your child needs you during the service, the teacher will page you using the number tag you received during sign-in. No child will be allowed to leave without the appropriate number tag, so please make sure you have yours handy!

Bathroom Policy

We ask parents to take their children to the bathroom should they need to use it at any point during the service. Ideally children should use the bathroom before coming to class. Should a child need to use the restroom during class, the teacher will page that child’s parent to take them, regardless of age. Because our bathrooms are outside of our classrooms in a public setting we feel this is the safest option for the children.

Health Policy

In order to keep our children (and teachers!) healthy, we ask that children stay with their parents if they exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent runny nose with colored discharge
  • Persistent cough
  • Fever in the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Unusual rash on the body or skin eruptions
  • Red or infected eyes

Snack Time

We aim to provide fun, kid-friendly snacks that are reasonably healthy and low in sugar. If your child has any specific dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten, dairy, nuts, etc) please let us know so that we won’t inadvertently give your child an inappropriate snack. Also, feel free to provide your own alternative snack options for your child if you prefer.

Behavior Guidelines

In order to ensure a quality and fun learning environment for all children, we ask each child to follow these guidelines:

  • Listen respectfully to teachers and follow directions
  • Participate in activities
  • Speak and Act in Kindness toward other children and teachers

While we do not anticipate any major behaviorally issues, if a child is displaying a pattern of disruptive behavior during class, this is the course of action our teachers will follow:

  • Remind the child of the class guidelines
  • Warn the child that further acting out will lead to his/her sitting out the class activity for a brief time
  • Sit out the child from the current activity for a short time.