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Big Give 2018

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Serve the World – $10,000

This year, Every Nation churches in North America are hosting our world conference in Orlando, FL and we are partnering together to help finance 500 leaders from under resourced nations to attend our World Conference.  We are aiming to help send 10 of our international delegates and cover their airfare.



Alms – $5,000

Gifts for those in need.


YFC group photo with Moriah

Youth Ministry – $10,000

This year we launched our first youth outreach to Shorewood High School. 11 students came to our first retreat. We gave scholarships to each kid thanks to a generous donor. We want to raise funds to support this ministry growth this year. ($5,000)

Additionally, we want to sow into youth ministry in the city by supporting Youth For Christ, a ministry that is reaching youth in the urban areas of Seattle and making a difference.  Our very own Suzan Frank serves as chaplain in their juvenile detention ministry. ($5,000)



Discipleship Admin Position – $15,000

We recognize the need for additional support to our team with SEND School, development of community groups & connection ministry. This is a faith goal to create this position.